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Welcome to Women In Action, Inc. 

Women In Action, Inc. organized (WIA Inc.) has operated since 2010 as a community-based, multi-service organization, serving the everyday woman to strive for better. 

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Most Recent Events 

Vision Board Workshop

Put your passions into action.
Say goodbye to Limitations
Set your intentions for 2016
Creating a vision board is probably one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. 

Back to School Bash

We want to give back to our children. They are our Future!  We are still looking for donations. 

Fourth Annual WIA Symposium 

During the month of September my organization Women In Action, Inc. holds an annual event called Women In Action Symposium where we a keynote speaker (TBA) speak on how she has accomplished her goals, come and discuss how they got to where they are today and where they still want to go in their lives.

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I like being a mentor because I want to help women, especially women who are in the process of starting a business.  I hope to help them avoid common pitfalls experienced in the startup phase of a business.  I gain fresh perspectives and ideas from each mentoring conversation.  The MWN virtual mentoring system makes it extremely easy to form mentoring relationships. ---- Sharon 

Mentoring to me is critical in seeking objective views on situations, career path, andeven perceived or real road blocks.   Sometimes it is your mentor who helps you through a tough situation that has upside when over and done.  Without your mentor, you may not have stuck it out.  We all need a reliable and trusted person to engage in such discussions. ---Catherine

I have been extremely fortunate with the mentoring relationships that I’ve had throughout my career. Not only have my mentors been able to point me in the right directions, but they’ve been able to help me develop the skills needed to confidently take that next step on my career path and in some cases help me realize that the skills were already there. I know that my success has increased as a result of their involvement. ---Mary

Although it is supposed to be and is very much a professional relationship, I often feel like my mentors have guided me not only on the ins and outs of my career but also provided invaluable information on balancing work and family, how to deal (and participate in) office politics, how to dress, etc. My mentors do not sugar coat their advice and are blunt and direct when needing to be without being unprofessional. This has given me the confidence I needed to reach for and obtain a position with more responsibility. This is a prime example of Passing the Torch and I look forward to continued connections to more mentors though WIA Inc. --- Sharonda