Empowering the Everyday Woman in Developing and Achieving Her Life Goals 

Andrea DeLucia AKA as (Andy) is the owner of Elegance & Grace Weddings and the founder of Elite Workshop She believes that every client is unique, and she thrives on bringing special elements to an event that can make the over all experience admired and enjoyed by all. 

With 13 years experience in planning and designing luxury weddings, Andrea has received many awards and recognition for her top notch services she continues to build her reputation because of her keen eye for cohesive designs and the organization of many details. She has designed campaigns working with National brand companies such as UGG Australia, Nordstrom, and Loli and Pops to promote different products and showcase them in her work.

After over a decade thriving in her own business, she has taken the industry by storm by offering students and wedding and event hopefuls a very hands-on exclusive way of learning the ins and outs of wedding and event planning industry. Andrea has dedicated herself to create a unique workshop experience for her attendees. She's living her dream of leading and hosting events that keep creatives buzzing with excitement. She believes that building trust and a tribe is very important to support a creative business in this competitive market. If you dream it you can do it!

Note from the founder I would never say I'm the best because there is always someone better out there.. But I'm passionate and I love to see others live their dreams. I feel I was created to create. Yes, I'm exceptional at what I do but that's because I work very hard at it..and I don't take the fast and easy ways to do my business. The art is in the details for me. I'm an artist. I'm fueled by other energy and I love pink everything community excites me and I'm story teller by nature. My purpose is to create an educational brand that people get. They can educate others or come be educated with the elite workshops I produce and host.

                                                                    To learn more about Andy and her passion projects: www.eleganceandgracweddings.com

"I Am Woman" Personal Development Conference

Saturday October 21st at 9am 

Location: The Boys & Girls Club of Worcester 

65 Tainter Street, Worcester, MA