Women In Action, Inc. 

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Donate to Women In Action, Inc. - How does it work?

1. Make an online donation:

    -- You can safely donate online with your credit card directly through the our secure Paypal‚Äôs secure payment system.


Women In Action, Inc. puts together innovative projects that are rooted in our local communities, run by local people and that meet a real need. 

You can choose to allocate your donation: 

  • to a specific project from our online project events and either make your donation online to the project(s).
  • to all of our project events on this page. Women In Action, Inc. will channel your donation to the project that needs it the most
  • to the operation of Women In Action, Inc. so that the platform continues to grow!! 

                                                                       YOU ARE INFORMED OF THE IMPACT OF YOUR DONATION 

Women In Action, Inc. is committed to monitoring and evaluating the impact of each donation, no matter the amount, with rigor and transparency. The impact of funds is assessed on a quarterly basis; you will receive a detailed report on the impact of your own donation no later than two to three months after giving and our team will send you interim project updates.