Empowering the Everyday Woman in Developing and Achieving Her Life Goals 

Dr. Cheryl Jordan, Weight Loss and Wellness Coach For Women Business Owners Over 40

 I am Dr. Cheryl Jordan N.D. have mentored and coached women successfully to lose weight and change their lifestyle so that they can have amazing health. I also teach women how to step outside of the box, and the techniques and strategies and help them to rejuvenate their life so that they in the areas of fitness health weight loss and overall quality of life with a focus on women over 40 and the women entrepreneurs.

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I want to empower women over 40 to have better health, lose weight and manage menopause so their can live the best life.

Dr. Cheryl Jordan

"I Am Woman" Personal Development Conference

Saturday October 21st at 9am 

Location: The Boys & Girls Club of Worcester 

65 Tainter Street, Worcester, MA