Women In Action, Inc. 

Unifying and Empowering the Everyday Woman

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Membership is open to women interested in professional and personal development. Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences and include both working and non-working women.

There are two types of membership:


Members are entitled to several benefits:

  • Free attendance at most social meetings
  • Free advertising on our website and printed media


The initial fee to join is $50.00 plus your membership of $50.00 dollars. A yearly one time fee of $50.00 when you join WIA Inc. The fees cover the expenses of the meetings, birthday gifts and small supplies for the each event.


The initial fee to join is $50.00 plus your membership of $30.00 dollars. Associate membership will be $30 per year, dues and will be represented as a separate listing on the website.

An Associate who wishes to occasionally attend events will get one free event per month, but will be included in Socials and the Holiday parties along with active members. Should they wish to come to an event more than once a month, they will need to pay half the cost of event.

Associate membership is only open to past members and is a great way for them to be associated with the group without being active.

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 Please contact Chantel Bethea at 508-369-7890 for more information.

To join, please print and fill out the Application*, print out, read and sign the *Member Agreement*, then bring these to the next meeting and give them to the President. You may attend up to two meetings as a guest, at which point you will need to join pending approval from current members of the group.

Member Benefits

  • Meet and make new friends
  • Network with women of diverse professional and cultural backgrounds
  • Explore interesting ideas
  • Develop new skills
  • Share experiences
  • Our regular meetings and events:
    • Main monthly event with interactive workshop and guest speaker
    • Monthly Women entrepreneurs meetings (open to those who are also just interested in the topics presented)
    • Fortnightly gatherings for the Job Hunt support Group
    • Annual General Meeting
    • Various monthly social functions
    • Welcome events for new members
    • Parties (summer party, cheese and wine party, Holiday Parties…)