Empowering the Everyday Woman in Developing and Achieving Her Life Goals 

Janine Gilarde

Registered Nurse, Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and Reiki Master Teacher. 
Coaching for Healthy Living. 
Offering holistic wellness solutions to help women lose weight, stress less and have more energy.



Janine Gilarde, a Boston based Holistic Registered Nurse. I’m on a mission to help individuals to make better choices for staying healthy. I draw on my broad background in nutrition, preventive health, health and lifestyle coaching and Reiki to embrace a unique vision and healing approach. My programs entail easy to use motivational tools and strategies for ongoing accountability, leading to transformation of body, mind and spirit.

It seems like a wonderful opportunity to be of service! I have worked in many different capacities helping women to own their strengths and believe in themselves. I feel very blessed that I have the opportunity to perhaps make a difference in someone's life and I continue to be amazed by how resilient we are.

Janine Gilarde ~ Coach 4 Healthy Living 

"I Am Woman" Personal Development Conference

Saturday October 21st at 9am 

Location: The Boys & Girls Club of Worcester 

65 Tainter Street, Worcester, MA