Empowering the Everyday Woman in Developing and Achieving Her Life Goals 

Leadership Training

The first item's we are training you on: 

1. Time Management

a. 2400 minutes—how do you accomplish your goals in the time you have?

b. A Time Management Assessment will help participants identify their strengths and challenges in effectively managing time.

c. The competencies discussed include Dr. Jon Warner’s program

2. Assertive Communication

a. Passive

b. Aggressive

c. Manipulative

d. Assertive

3. Situational Leadership

a. What is your personal management style?

b. How can you effectively diagnose a situation at your workplace?

c. Which leadership style should you employ for each situation?

d. How adaptable a manager are you?

e. These questions and others will be answered through the Situational Leadership Assessment tool, which includes details on analyzing the Readiness of the Follower.

4. EQ

The focus will be on Daniel Goleman's research linking psychology and neuroscience to develop his concept. Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.

YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE:  The cost is $15 for Members of WIA. $25 for Non-Members