Empowering the Everyday Woman in Developing and Achieving Her Life Goals 

Tamara Gardner

99 Derby Street

Hingham, MA 02043

Phone: 781.556.1053


Tamara is the founder of Becoming Bodacious, a catalytic and motivational coaching company designed to help women and teen girls set goals and remove roadblocks to gain the confidence and control needed to and THRIVE in their personal, professional, and/or educational lives. Tamara is an expert in coaching, strategic planning and goal setting. Having spent over 25 years learning what makes coaching effective, she created her signature "Bodacious Blueprint" coaching method to empower others to "be the CEO of their lives and careers".  Tamara focuses on helping clients navigate change & difficult circumstances, design fulfilling careers, achieve sustainable work-life balance, launch and market creative businesses, and improve their relationships. Her unique style is a mix of professionalism and accessibility, though her true gift as a coach lies in her understanding of what it means to be human, and her ability to help her clients arrive to “aha breakthroughs for life altering results.
Prior to opening Becoming Bodacious, Tamara held strategic leadership positions in HR, management consulting, training, and internal communications.  In 2011, Tamara founded Shining Down, Inc., a prostate cancer focused non-profit which raised over 170K in the initial 5 years to fund innovative research.

In addition to her work with Becoming Bodacious, Tamara offers a wide range of programs and services for all audiences including corporate workshops, seminars and keynote speeches. To contact Tamara, please visit her website www.becomingbodacious.com.

There is such empowerment generated when women join together to focus on benefiting each other with shared lessons and knowledge - I am excited to help create and feel that energy!

Tamara Gardner ~ Becoming Bodacious

"I Am Woman" Personal Development Conference

Saturday October 21st at 9am 

Location: The Boys & Girls Club of Worcester 

65 Tainter Street, Worcester, MA