Empowering the Everyday Woman in Developing and Achieving Her Life Goals 

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"I AM WOMAN" Personal Development Conference

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Program for the Day 

9am Registration & Breakfast

9:30am Welcome by Executive Director Victoria Waterman of Girls Inc. of Worcester

9:45am Keynote address by Maria Milagros

10:30am Break

10:45am Enrichment Sessions:

Sonya Highfield of Real World Creatives  - Wealth Mindset: How to embody the 3 pillars of a wealth mindset for personal and professional success
Social Butterfly Management Group, LLC Angela Ackerman- Passion to Profit - The 7 Steps 
Scherrie Awtry Keating - The Life Changing Power of Your Why

11:45am Break

12pm Lunch

12:45pm Education Session:

Hanneke Antonelli - Savvy CEO of Your Business
Ciara Gogan Life Coaching - Take Back Your Power
Chris Vasiliadis - Ignite Your Energy and Avoid Burnout

1:45pm Break

2pm Empowerment Session:

Giselle Rivera-Flores - Being the Productive You 
Miki Feldman Simon of Iambackatwork - Creating a Positive Mindset that will set you on the Path to Success
Chantel Bethea - Saying what you mean and meaning what you say

3pm Close

Victoria Waterman

Executive Officer of Girls Inc. of Worcester

Check out our host and morning keynote speaker Victoria Waterman

“Fuel her fire, and she will change the world”. As CEO of Girls Inc. of Worcester and a passionate advocate for women and girls,Victoria Waterman lives by these words.

Victoria has made a lifelong career of empowering females of all ages. Her dedication to this cause began in the banking industry while successfully developing programs to address the underserved needs of women consumers. The fuel for this passion ignited when she presided over Leading Women Massachusetts, a global women’s leadership organization.

Her enthusiasm for empowerment of women led Victoria to serve in a volunteer role as Board President of Girls Inc. of Worcester. Serving in this position, she demonstrated extraordinary leadership while working with a dynamic team which resulted in a dramatic financial turnaround for the organization.

Victoria continues to make a measurable difference in the lives of girls and their families as CEO at Girls Inc. of Worcester. A lively and engaging speaker, she is a frequent presenter on topics of her expertise, including: corporate social responsibility, diversity, leadership, business savvy for non-profits, issues affecting girls and women in the workplace, and lessons learned from her career journey. The topic that is most close to her heart, however, is that of preparing and shaping teen girls for success in the workplace and as future leaders.

“Inspiring all girls to be Strong, Smart, and Bold”, Victoria is a strong role model who prides herself on effectively applying her unique skills and her knowledge of women's leadership to help prepare the girls today for success in the workplace tomorrow.

She was named one of the "Outstanding Women in Business" by Worcester Business Journal in 2014.

Maria Milagros Vazquez

Award Nominated Author and Empowerment Life Coach

Get to know our keynote speaker Maria Vazquez

Maria Milagros is an award nominated author, TEDx speaker, storyteller and empowerment life coach. Whether sharing her life experiences and knowledge through impactful talks, workshops, leadership training, life coaching or videos, Maria uses stories to bring encouragement, education and love to empower others to get out of their way and break free from hindering thoughts or beliefs, so that they can live amazing lives and leave their unique and positive mark on the world. She knows that no matter where you come from, what you've been through, or what you have done, a positive perspective, love and personal responsibility can change every area of your life. She knows because it worked for her and she’s not an exception to the rule.

Her book Super Sparkly Everything has been nominated for the 2018 Top Female Authors Award. Order your copy, watch her Tedx talk, and learn more at www.mariamilagros.net

Sonya Highfield

Intuitive Business & Mindset Coach

Get to know our Enrichment Session Presenter
Sonya Highfield will be presenting: "Wealth Mindset: How to embody the 3 pillars of a wealth mindset for personal and Professional Success"

Sonya's Bio:
Sonya Highfield is a Boston born and bred entrepreneur dedicated to helping female artists and creative entrepreneurs lead successful lives. She started her commercial and fine art photography business (Sonya Highfield Photography) in 2012 then in 2015 founded Real World Creatives, which provides business and mindset coaching to women as well as virtual communities and in-person workshops. Sonya also provides inspirational speaking on money mindset at conferences, retreats and other empowering events!

While growing her photography business and landing clients like Harvard University, JP Morgan, Thrillist, Taj Hotels, as well as many other great companies, Sonya realized the lack of education and resources given to artists who found themselves running businesses. Founding Real World Creatives was her solution to giving creative folks the business savvy they need, while supporting them with positive mindset work, and connecting them to others who are on the same journey.

When she’s not working Sonya loves to travel, expand her spiritual practice, watch her husband cook, and search for the perfect margarita.

You can find Sonya at:



Angela Ackerman

Founding Principal 

Get to know our Enrichment Session Presenter
Angela Ackerman will be presenting: "Passion to Profit - The 7 Steps"

Social Butterfly Management Group, LLC Bio:

Utilizing experience in consultation, data analysis, facilitation, behavior modification, entrepreneurship, and change management
- to help make data-based human factored decisions and directives,
- for a holistic approach to pain-points towards industry potential profit growth,
- to increase organizational effectiveness and promote positive culture and dynamics
for personal & professional growth across industries .

By blending a background in Industrial Organizational Psychology undergraduate and Behavioral Economics graduate education and professional experience as a 5-time micro-business owner spanning over 20 years with a systems thinking perspective and a firm foundation in quantitative methods with an underpinning of neuroscience to add significant business value
- to organizations to be their #BusinessDoctor
- to professionals as their #PersonalBrandExpert
using my trademarked "Tool Kit".

MindFit: The Psychology of Success
Acknowledging the balance of fixed and growth mindsets needed for raw success.

Scherri Keating 

Company Founder, RN, CDE

Get to know our Enrichment Session Presenter
Scherrie Awtry Keating will be presenting: "The Life Changing Power of Your Why"

Scherrie's Bio:

Scherrie Keating RN, BSN, CDE, Founder Diabetes Kare Consulting, LLC, Educational/Motivational Speaker, Diabetes Consultant, Health Coach; Thirty-five years as a registered nurse caring for thousands of patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease; Certified Diabetes Educator; CDC, National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach; American Heart Association BLS, ACLS Instructor, Producer and Host, Talk Me Healthy Show, Sterling-Lancaster Community Television, Cancer Survivor.

Hanneke Antonelli

Business Coach + Creator of the Savvy Business Masterminds

Get to know our Education Session Presenter
Hanneke Antonelli will be presenting: "Savvy CEO of Your Business"

Hanneke's Bio:

Hanneke Antonelli is an award-winning and certified coach, speaker and lover of all things self-improvement! She previously worked as a foreign exchange money broker in London and New York City before pursuing her passion as an award-winning Pilates instructor and later a business coach. In her Savvy Business Mastermind program and private coaching practice, she helps women (and a few men) stay focused on their short and long-term goals so they can uplevel their businesses. She also provides a focused, warm, and co-creative space with a structured process to help clients gain clarity and confidence to own their roles as influential CEOs and business owners who disrupt the status quo.

Ciara Gogan

Empowerment Specialist & Impact Coach 

Get to know our Education Session Presenter
Ciara Gogan will be presenting: "Take Back Your Power"

Ciara's Bio:

People often remember Ciara for her shock of red hair. What she wants you to remember is that she helps professionals like you attain the life they want, on their terms. She promises to always bring her kindness, her cheekiness, and her genuine positivity every time you talk.

A few years ago, she was where you are…she knew she had more to offer the world, but simply didn’t know what that was. Even if she had known, she wouldn’t have been able to put it into motion, because she was full of self-doubt (“who will listen to me”, “can one person really make a difference?” etc.).
She’s lived on 3 continents, having grown up in Ireland, worked in Australia, and moved to the United States in the mid-90s. Through these diverse life experiences, she has learned to not only manage change, but to embrace it! She acquired the resilience to stand up for what she believes in, and stand up for herself!

She studied and became certified as a Master Professional Life Coach at a well-regarded coach training school, Impact Coaching Academy, learning the skills that have helped thousands of people just like you. She has written for Huffington Post, Thrive Global, WITI, herself360, and Ace-Up. Ciara has been featured on Women You Should Know.

Her purpose is helping women Unleash their Superpowers, (re)discover their passion, strengths, and how incredible they are!
If you know how incredible you are, and what your natural strengths are, nothing will stop you from moving forward and changing your life for the better! It sounds hard but it doesn’t’ have to be. Working with the right coach can be life-changing, Ciara knows from first-hand experience.

Chris Vasiliadis 

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach 

Get to know our Education Session Presenter
Chris Vasiliadis will be presenting: "Ignite Your Energy and Avoid Burnout

Chris's Bio:

Chris Vasiliadis inspires people to use their well-being as their secret weapon for successfully leading their work and non-work life. Since founding her business, Priority Wellness, in 2008, she has helped hundreds of individuals energize their health and improve their performance. Blending compassion, firmness, and fun, she works with those who are tired of putting their health on the back burner, unhappy/unfocused in their wellness, and/or concerned about burnout. As a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, a certification that demonstrates that she possesses the skills, tasks and knowledge standards deemed essential for health and wellness coaches, she works in several ways:

• one-on-one with private clients over the phone
• in corporations as part of a company’s health and wellness benefits or performance management initiative for their employees, both on-site and remotely
• and in healthcare settings, working with a doctor’s patients either individually or in group Shared Medical Appointments
She also speaks on a variety of topics at networking groups and events, conferences, and for company employees, including:

• Avoiding Burnout
• Elevating Energy and Vitality
• Building Mindfulness and Presence Muscles
• Effective Stress Management
• Mastering Self-Care

Chris’s clients ultimately instill lifestyle habits that make their health thrive and powerfully perform at their best. Choosing to prioritize her wellness after her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2005, Chris has been relapse-free for over 11 years.
She is a voracious book reader, with a particular passion for historical fiction, personal development and inspirational books. Chris is in the process of writing a book, tentatively titled Ignition: A Professional Women’s Guide to Energized, Burnout-Proof Health.

Chris’s other interests include appreciating delicious food (whether at home or out), being a huge Red Sox fan (baseball and the summer season are her favorite times of the year), day trips, enjoying 23+ years of marriage with her husband, Peter, and time spent with friends and family, including her seven nieces and nephews.

Giselle Rivera-Flores

Productivity Coach + Digital Media Specialist

Get to know our Empowerment Session Presenter
Giselle Rivera-Flores will be presenting: "Being the Productive You"

Giselle's Bio:

Giselle Rivera-Flores is a serial award-winning entrepreneur and business strategist with an expertise in branding and digital media.
Appearing as a public speaker in several entrepreneurial forums, Giselle has been named as WBJ's 40 under 40 and awarded the Entrepreneur and Small Business award from Women in Action.
Co-founder of the Be Studios and founder of the Learning Hub, Giselle continues to build personal brands to expand her passions and continues to work as a Productivity Coach.

Miki Feldman Simon

Founder & CEO

Get to know our Empowerment Session Presenter
Miki Feldman Simon Iambackatwork will be presenting: "Creating a Positive Mindset that will set you on the Path to Success"

Miki's Bio:

Miki Feldman Simon, the founder and CEO of IamBackatWork, is a seasoned professional who has held leading executive roles in marketing, business development and human resources management. She had taken career pauses more than once, to take care of her children, parents, or move continents. Her career was always important to her as her "me" beyond the caring, wife, mother or daughter. She created IamBackatWork to help other women fulfill their professional aspirations and regain their confidence and independence. Apart from coaching women Miki also consults to several Boston start-ups to help them with their HR and recruiting needs.
Miki has a B.A in Psychology and Educational Counseling, an M.Sc. in Organizational Behavior and the SPHR, Senior Professional in Human Resources certificate. She has presented at conferences and workshops worldwide on a variety of topics including: Entrepreneurship, Ambiguity in the Workplace, Interviewing Skills, Positive Thinking, Tools for People with Learning Disabilities and more.