Empowering the Everyday Woman in Developing and Achieving Her Life Goals 

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"I AM WOMAN" Personal Development Conference

Get Empowered, Enriched, Educated and Entrepreneurial at Women In Action, Inc.’s “I Am Woman” Conference! Personal Development and Professional Development topics will inspire women to nurture themselves, cultivate their personal potential and develop in all aspects of life!

Empowerment Session:

• Personal Branding for Professional Growth
• Transform Your Life with Healthy Boundaries
• How to Talk to Anybody About Anything,

Enrichment Session:
• Connecting to Your Creativity
• Holistic Stress Management and Self Care
• Create the Life you Want to Live

Education Session:
• Breaking Free for Your Next Act: How to Face (or Create!) Change with Courage   and Joy
• Balancing Priorities & Managing Stress
• Reclaiming Decorum for Professional and Personal Advantage

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October 21st Agenda I Am Woman Conference:

  • Registrations: 830
  • Welcome is at 9am
  • Keynote speaker Liz Hamilton of the Boys and Girls Club
  • Empowerment Session
  • Break
  • Enrichment Session
  • Lunch
  • Keynote Speaker Andrea Delucia of Elegance & Grace Weddings
  • Education Session
  • Closing Remarks
  • Networking
  • Vending
  • Live interviews with WIA Tv.

Keynote Speaker 

Liz Hamilton 
Executive Director 
Boys & Girls Club of Worcester

Keynote Speaker

Andrea Delucia 
President & Founder
Elegance & Grace Weddings.

Empowerment Session Speakers

I Am Woman Personal Development Conference 

Tamara Gardner

Founder, Life/Career Strategist & Motivational Coach
Becoming Bodacious

Tamara is the founder of Becoming Bodacious, a catalytic and motivational coaching company designed to help women and teen girls set goals and remove roadblocks to gain the confidence and control needed to and THRIVE in their personal, professional, and/or educational lives.


Dr. Cherylann Jordan

Wellness Coach for Entrepreneurs, Lifestyle Strategist, and Naturopath Doctor, Author and Speaker

I am Dr. Cheryl Jordan N.D. have mentored and coached women successfully to lose weight and change their lifestyle so that they can have amazing health.

Jamie Cholaki

Owner & Founder
Hair by Cholaki Salon 
Owner and Founder of Hair By Cholaki Salon has 16 years of hair experience both on the west coast & east coast. Jamie has been featured in nantucket magazine, Connecticut bride magazine, and is the official hair contributor for #next on scene magazine in Boston.

Enrichment Session Speakers

I Am Woman Personal Development Conference 

Deborah O'Brien

Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Self Image Consultant
"Bliss: Behind the Mask" 
I am the author of Bliss: Behind The Mask, the raw and candid memoir of my struggle with alcohol and drug addictions that lead me down a dark path of self destruction.

Janine Gilarde

Registered Nurse, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Reiki Master Teacher
Offering holistic wellness solutions to help women lose weight, stress less and have more energy.

Shawna Pelton

Expert on Personal & Professional Transformation
Shawna Pelton

Transformational Coach & Metaphysical Healer with an AMAZING ability to teach people how to SHIFT, resolve challenges, develop skills so to evolve & grow.

Education Session Speakers

I Am Woman Personal Development Conference 

Steph Palermo

 Author, Speaker, and Radio Talk Show Host 
Just Steph   

Steph was born with a rare disorder, Poland Syndrome. She spent many years hiding behind her

difference. Knowing there was so much more for her, Steph sought help in therapy, with a nutritionist and boxing trainer.

Aileen Axtmayer

Career Counseling, Health Coaching, and Yoga
Aspire with Aileen
After career counseling thousands of people for 10 years in Boston at various higher education institutes, Aileen created a holistic wellness practice.

Dr. Jodi Asjbrook

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Yoga Instructor & Serial Entrepreneur
The Yoga Movement 

 Dr. Ashbrook is passionate about creating experiences where people can grow, reflect and believe in themselves and their dreams.