Empowering the Everyday Woman in Developing and Achieving Her Life Goals 


Job Readiness Program

To receive a certificate of completion from the Women In Action, Inc. Employment Center program, no absences are allowed and late arrivals won’t gain entry. These and other more stringent requirements must be met to complete the class and to give graduates a competitive edge in finding and keeping a job.
An exercise requiring participants to list their marketable skills nets two rewards: confidence levels rise as overlooked attributes are uncovered and the findings are used to create a handwritten resume this is turned in for critiquing.
Guidelines are given for the content and formatting of a professional resume and cover letter. A submitted typed resume and cover letter are required to graduate from the program.
The dos and don’ts of interviewing are also discussed. Tips to set one’s self apart from other applicants include wearing business attire, making eye contact with a firm handshake, being knowledgeable of the company, and having two questions to ask the employer at the end of the interview.