Empowering the Everyday Woman in Developing and Achieving Her Life Goals 


Self Care Program 

You care about the world. A lot. Ironically, this can mean that your own wellbeing can end up at the bottom of the list of people, issues and campaigns that matter so deeply. 
It’s an experiment in helping you be more resilient. Why? Because the world needs you. Not the exhausted, frustrated, caffeine and carbo-loaded you, but the you that is effective, powerful, clear-sighted and inspired in your work for the common good of our planet and communities.

We are living in a critical time, with increasing environmental and social pressures, It can feel like we have a rapidly shrinking time frame for making change. This pressure-cooker of a situation leaves many of us working frantically, thinking short-term, and feeling disconnected from what really enlivens us. It can even make us act like jerks, sometimes, even though we’re actually decent people.

Often self-care solutions are part of this same reactive paradigm. They’re about indulgence and escapism, consumption and justification. They’re often coping mechanisms that don’t really serve us. We want to talk about self-care in a way that has integrity with our values, and that sustains us for the long haul. We want to engage self-care in a way that has integrity with our values, and sustains us for the long haul.

Who are we? We’re a group folks not too different from you. We want to take our self-care seriously, while not taking ourselves too seriously. We think it’s a recipe for                                                                                                                                    stronger, sustainable movements, with healthier and happier people behind them.